Hysterical Historical Hi-jinks – all done!

November 25th saw us stage our one-night-only ‘Hi-jinks performance, a combination of our home-grown “Who Rules Britannia – The Story So Far” and scene selections from “1066 – And All That”. The evening was split into three parts, the latter title taking two to complete.

The cast and crew worked very hard to produce what turned out to be a most successful evening with close to full audience compliment.

One audience member was a NODA representative, a Mr Martin Stephen, who’s task it was to prepare a show report on behalf of the organisation. His duty is to highlight both strengths and weaknesses to a group for the purposes of facilitating development. Thankfully there were not too many comments regarding the latter and it seems he quite liked it! Martin Stephen’s report may be accessed by clicking here.

Thanks are due to the Kemp household for Christine and her superb direction of ‘1066…’ and husband David for devising and directing ‘Who Rules…’; his jokes were not only home-grown but also superbly home-groan!

A little more performance detail is provided by the HHH Programme which is reproduced below. (Caricature imagery by Katie Holloway.)

A selection of performance images may be accessed by clicking here for ‘Hi-jinks and here for 1066. Enjoy! (Photographer, Penny Smith.)