Our October event – A Beetle Drive!!

Please come and join us for a relaxing (almost!) evening and change of scenery!

……but you may enquire……. “What on earth is a Beetle Drive?”  😉

A question asked by those who have never experienced one before! But for all who have taken part previously, it is a very sociable evening of sometimes frantic dice rolling. No gambling, or indeed other skill of any sort involved – just keep rolling that dice till you get all the numbers you need to be able to complete your Beetle! Yes, just like that old family game!

We can guarantee that you will not be sitting still all evening and that the excitement can be very tangible. You do not need to find a ‘team’ to take part so any numbers can turn up. We will just ensure that there will be four people around each table at the start of the game. Winners move clockwise and losers move anti-clockwise – so you will probably get to meet everyone there during the evening!

And then of course there is the prospect of one of our legendary Ploughman Suppers (this year Quiche & Cheese with an added cup cake!) to relieve the tension at half time. Just bring your own drinks please.

So why not come along for a highly entertaining, sociable and very family friendly evening of drawing Beetles.

There will be prizes as well as a Great Raffle – so bring some cash please.

See you all there!

……and it was a most successful and enjoyable evening, much enjoyed by everyone able to come along. We had calls for “When can we do this again?”!!!

Ah the tension, ready, steady, g……..!